We believe that the world becomes a little better when you, as a person and an organisation, initiate change. Within our company, we are absolutely committed to diversity, health and sustainable diversity. We are happy to explain these below.


We don't stereotype and treat everyone as a unique individual. Your previous choice of study? That's not important to us. We look at your intrinsic qualities. Your potential and talent. The right talent in combination with the will to learn and the courage to take on a career change make a Calco employee. Because each Calco employee brings something unique to the table, we get more creativity, job satisfaction and better results in the workplace.

Equal opportunities

With a 50/50 male/female split, we are well on our way to achieving a good balance in gender diversity for an IT company. We continue to aim for the fullest possible representation of society within our company. For this reason, we have started a diversity work group. Together with employees from all possible corners of the world and all possible backgrounds, we look for opportunities to make it even more ‘like home' for everyone and to further promote equal opportunities.


Our employees' health is important to us. To stimulate the wellbeing of our employees, we regularly organise sports classes to stay fit. We also regularly have a filled fruit bowl at our head office to refuel our vitamins. In addition to sports and healthy eating, we think having fun at work is very important. We work a lot, and have fun a lot.

Sustainable diversity

The Calco service is not the quickfix for a short-term resource issue. Instead, it offers our professionals and clients a unique opportunity to bring long-term structural change in reducing reliance on external hiring. While at the same time drastically rejuvenating our clients' teams and bringing about long-term change in our clients' workforce mix in terms of diversity in all its aspects. This can been seen in the low 'transfer rates' after the fixed secondment period and the number of Calco employees that are still employed by the client where they started their career after 5 years. In this way, Calco contributes to a sustainable solution of resource issues for our clients.