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Mission, vision and core values

Different view on talent

What Calco stands for

The essence of Calco? We love telling you about it and often do. We are very proud of our identity and of our different view on talent. Working at Calco makes you a member of a family. A family that is young at heart, flexible, and open-minded about the world and the people in it. We challenge each other, strive for improvement and do not look at hierarchy, but at the content of the story that is being told.

Our vision

We have big plans. Our different perspective on talent works. That's why we want to help as many people as possible to reach their full potential. We make no secret of our vision: a world in which no talent goes unused.


There are so many people who, after studying or during their first steps on the job market, feel that there must be more. Who feel that they are not fulfilling their potential. Because we know it can be done differently, our mission is to turn "is this it?" into "this is it! Our talent is to put every talent in the right place. This is how we challenge people and organisations to continue to grow in a sustainable way.

Our core values
  • Trust

    We have confidence in our talents and in our customers. At the same time, the trust we receive from our talents and clients allows us to be proactive and exceed expectations.

  • Attention

    Attention makes all the difference. That's why we look at the person rather than the CV for talent, and why we look for the actual requirement behind the client’s request.

  • Quality

    We set the bar high and stand for quality. In terms of our people, our processes and our way of working together.

  • Ground breaking

    We see and use opportunities to change the market in a distinctive way and to make continuous progress.

  • Going our own way

    We have guts and we dare to take risks. We are straightforward, honest and make a difference with our personality.