Our story

History of Calco

With only a single phone, three gentlemen are sitting in a small office in Amersfoort in 2004. They are bursting with ideas and want to bring a change in the way talent is viewed, by using individual skills and potential as a yardstick. Technological developments, they say, are not only the work of professionals with a technical background, but are often inspired by people who look at things from a different perspective. With a fresh pair of eyes. That's how Calco was born. The fast-growing company soon shifted its focus to a specific group: young professionals who have not quite chosen the right study or who discover that they have hidden IT talent. Through an IT traineeship, they are trained by Calco to be able to fully use their talents.


The result? Already nearly 3,800 IT professionals trained by Calco. Our formula? Listen with full attention! Both to the wishes of the client and to the needs of the generations on the labour market. By tailoring the traineeship to the preferences of both parties, you create the ideal match; something we love to do! Throughout the years, Calco continuously updates and expands training opportunities to perfectly fit the changing needs in the market. With around 600 employees, Calco has in recent years grown into a company of considerable size. One thing is certain: without the trust of our clients and without our Calco colleagues, we would not be where we are today!

The culture

Calco has a professional, yet informal atmosphere. We have an energetic, fresh mindset and are open to new ideas. We work hard, we play hard. In addition to the Friday afternoon drinks, we organise cool events: from knowledge sharing sessions and great speakers to game nights and pub quizzes.

We believe that work hard, play hard stimulates the development and growth of colleagues and Calco as a company. We are eager to learn, ambitious and full of plans. There is plenty of room to develop. Got a good idea? Pitch it! Do we also believe in it, then let’s go! Hierarchy? We don't have much affinity with that. We will not shy away from any form of cooperation. Whether this is in your own department, with your manager or a member of the board: where necessary we jump in and help each other. Because this is the only way to grow as an organisation.

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Our mission
The essence of Calco? We love telling you about it and often do. We are very proud of our identity and of our different point of view on talent.
Our people
Meet Team Calco! Curious about the driving force behind Calco? Find all our colleagues who work at the head office in a row here.
Our approach
We believe that the world becomes a little better when you, as a person and an organisation, initiate change.