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It is probably a daily struggle for you: your IT department has to meet high expectations, but you have trouble finding the right IT professionals. Looking for the perfect IT talent among a small group of jobseekers rarely leads to quick results. At Calco, we have a solution. We train the IT talent ourselves via our unique IT traineeship, the Calco MasterClass. We recruit and select our young professionals based on their talents, not their background in IT. As your partner, we think along about your organisational challenges, which enables us to offer you training programmes that are tailored to your organisation’s needs. Would you like to know more about what makes us unique as a partner for young IT talent?

Five reasons to choose the Calco MasterClass

01. We believe that talent and potential cannot be put into words

That is why we focus on the personality, analytical skills and potential of the employees we recruit and select. Our trainees show the skills that our clients expect from young IT professionals. Next, we train these young talents during the entire Calco MasterClass period to become the IT professionals of the future. By very carefully matching our clients’ wishes to our trainees’ skills, Calco only offers the very best young professionals.

02. With our detavast system, you invest in the future of your department

Many clients choose Calco MasterClass professionals because of our detavast system. We take care of the recruitment and selection of candidates, offer the right training and provide support during the project. Since everything we do is geared towards employment at the client organisation, you are truly investing in the future of your department.

03. We are experts at supervising millennials

Every generation has its own wishes and needs when it comes to work. Training and supervising millennials – and soon starters from Generation Z – therefore requires a unique approach. We know that perfectly well and we have years of experience with supervising and coaching millennials. Our approach works: we have already successfully matched more than 2.000 young professionals from this generation to satisfied clients.

04. We have the perfect candidate for your project

Whether you are looking for a DevOps Engineer, a Data Scientist, a Cloud Engineer or a Scrum Master, we always have the perfect candidate for you. During the first part of their traineeship, our young professionals not only take technical courses but also subjects dedicated to personal development and soft skills. As a result of the intensive training and coaching during this period, we know our trainees inside and out. If your department has a challenge that requires a specific profile, we can match your needs to a trainee from our pool of available candidates. This is how we guarantee a quick process and an ideal candidate.

05. We respond to the latest trends on the market

With our wide selection of clients, we are able to keep a close eye on the latest developments throughout the entire IT sector and translate them to your organisation. Furthermore, we adapt the training programme we offer our young professionals according to the latest trends and developments on the market. This ensures you always get someone who possesses the right and most recent knowledge and skills to help your department out.

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Would you like to know more about the Calco MasterClass?

Our approach

We recruit, select and match our IT trainees based on their personality, analytical skills and potential. Would you like to know more about how we do this?

Our young professionals

Our trainees, also known as MasterClass Professionals, are unique. They have an enormous drive and truly make a difference with their personality.

Detavast system

We use a so-called detavast system. This means we strive for employment after the traineeship and you invest in the future of your department.

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