Your IT department is future-proof with our detavast system

Many businesses often struggle to find young IT talent. Once they do, the next challenge is retaining said young IT talent in their organisation. With our detavast system, we help our clients realise their long-term ambitions. Would you like to know more about what we can do for you?

What is a detavast system anyway?

Our detavast system is actually quite simple: once a Calco trainee completes their secondment within your IT department, you can hire our IT professionals free of charge. This lets you combine the advantages of secondment with a future-proof concept for your department. Since employment is the primary goal of the Calco MasterClass, you are investing directly in a long-term solution.

  • We take care of recruitment and selection for you. With our comprehensive recruitment process and strict selection procedure, you are guaranteed to get only the best talents on the market.
  • Our detavast system gives you the time to get to know our people well. Once it is time to hire someone, you will know exactly who they are.
  • We supervise the trainees as they embark on their career. This is important, especially for young professionals. By attending to the needs of this target group, they can discover where they want to take their carreer and how they can realise their ambitions in your organisation. This approach leads to a high transfer rate!
  • Since employment is the primary goal of our services, you are investing in a long-term solution. With our detavast approach, you can retain driven professionals and their in-depth IT knowledge in your organisation.

Are you excited about our detavast system?

Curious about our Young Professionals?

Calco MasterClass

Are you looking for young IT talent? We have the perfect candidate for any project. We will proactively assess your challenges and offer a tailor-made programme.

Our approach

We recruit, select and match our IT trainees based on their personality, analytical skills and potential. Would you like to know more about how we do this?

Our young professionals

Our trainees, also known as MasterClass Professionals, are unique. They have an enormous drive and truly make a difference with their personality.

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