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Are you looking for an experienced IT professional who can be deployed on short notice for a temporary project? We can help you with that! Contrary to a MasterClass Professional, a Calco Flex professional already has several years of experience in the IT sector. Since we know our people well, we are able to make the perfect match with your temporary project and organisational structure. Curious? Discover what Calco Flex can do for you!

Calco Flex solution

Sometimes, the best solution is a temporary one. Consider the bustle of peak times, launching a new project or onboarding a new employee. Sometimes, you discover that your team lacks a certain type of person to give a project the boost it needs to succeed or that you are missing specific expertise. In these situations, Calco Flex is the perfect solution.

Are you excited about Calco Flex?

Why Calco Flex?

Whereas the Calco MasterClass is focused on offering young IT professionals on a detavast basis, Calco Flex is dedicated to the secondment of experienced IT professionals for temporary projects. Our IT experts have a wealth of experience and possess excellent analytical skills. They know what they are talking about, they are inquisitive and they are able to quickly and flexibly start working on the next project. This is how we take matters out of our clients’ hands and offer them the quality of service that they have come to expect.

We guarantee a quick solution

When filling temporary positions, speed is of the essence. We can help you find the right person for your specific challenge on short notice. At Calco Flex, this speed does not compromise our quality of service. Since we know our experienced IT professionals so well, we are able to quickly find the perfect candidate.

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