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It remains a challenge to find good and motivated IT professionals for your organisation. Everyone is fishing in the same pond, looking for talented IT people, but this rarely goes hand in hand with quick results. Calco has found a solution; why not train talented people in a smart way to become IT professionals?

Our professionals

We have been the IT talent finder of the Netherlands for over 17 years. This approach works. Our clients notice that Calco trainees are very eager to learn, flexible and have good communication skills. Precisely because they are new to the field, they are curious and ask a lot of good questions. By asking these questions, great, innovative ideas can emerge. Is your IT department in need of new, fresh energy? We would love to help you!

IT traineeship

In the Calco IT traineeship, trainees start with a 2-month internal training period. They all start with a basic IT course. To introduce them to agile working, we cover the theory in DevOps iterations. Everyone will obtain a Scrum and SQL certificate and will be given the opportunity to delve into Azure Cloud and obtain a certificate accordingly. Trainees then go on to specialise in a variety of areas. Besides this focus on hard skills, they also focus on the professionalisation of their soft skills throughout the training period.

Various job profiles

As a strategic partner we like to think along with you about the challenges you experience in your IT department. This enables us to offer tailor-made programmes. Whether you're looking for a DevOps engineer, cloud developer, functional manager, security officer, business analyst or a specific and perhaps rare expertise, the possibilities are endless at Calco.

A suitable profile
When matching a trainee to your organisation, we believe it is important to not only meet your request based on a technical profile, but also based on the desired character traits of a trainee. This approach proves itself over and over again: over 90% of our trainees continue to work for the client after completing the traineeship. A sustainable solution for your organisation!

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