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Is your department struggling to find and retain IT or Finance talent? That's not surprising in a tight labour market like this. Calco has developed a unique way of offering an IT or Finance career to ambitious professionals with a college/bachelor level or university/masters level.

Our working method

We select young talent with ambition based on their personality, talents and potential. It is not their educational background, but their talent that makes them suitable to make a switch to the field they want to develop in. Through our experience, we know like no other how to discover, train, coach and supervise talent. We have a strict selection procedure and find it important that the professionals are analytical, eager to learn, flexible and have good communication skills. During the internal training period of two months, they get to know all facets of IT or Finance. We review with each trainee which direction suits them to further specialise. In addition to hard skills, we pay extensive attention to their professional soft skills.

Deployment period

Do you have a particular staffing need in your team or company? Based on your preferences, we select a match. During the deployment period, the trainee will work full-time in your team for an average of two years. We remain closely involved with the trainee's development. All trainees get a personal Calco coach, and we offer them a range of courses, aimed at their assignment. Upon completion of the traineeship, the young professionals can be taken over without a transfer fee. Meanwhile, they have grown to a intermediate level and you know what you can expect from them. This enables you to combine the benefits of secondment with a future-proof ‘fixed secondment’ concept for your department. In addition, Calco is committed to diversity and can help your organisation become more diverse and inclusive.
IT talent
Our IT talents are analytical, eager to learn, flexible and have good communication skills. They will therefore be an asset to your organisation. We offer them various directions within IT, which enables us to offer many different young professionals.
Finance talent

Calco's Finance talents are precise, flexible, social and can spark new ideas with their fresh perspective. The trainees are trained in various disciplines within the financial field, which means we have a lot to offer for your organisation.

Why does Calco offer your organisation the best talent?
  • Different view on IT and Finance talent

    We give motivated, eager-to-learn young professionals the chance to retrain in IT or Finance, regardless of their field of study (bachelor or masters background). We believe that different study backgrounds can lead to great new insights in the IT and financial field. Because they look at things from a different angle, they bring new, fresh energy to your company.

  • Expert in coaching

    We take care of the coaching and mentoring role during the assignment. We are continuously involved in the development of the trainee to unburden your organisation. In addition, during the deployment, trainees can continue to follow various training courses in the evenings. This ensures they continue to develop and gain knowledge, which will benefit your department.

  • Reducing external hiring

    Expertise is often brought in via an external construction. If such external persons leave again after completing the project, the knowledge will leave your company with them. With our ‘fixed secondment’ construction, you take over our professionals after approximately two years - no fee. So you invest directly in a long-term solution and save costs by achieving a better ratio of internal to external staff.

  • Rejuvenation and talent acquisition

    The age structure of many departments is skewed; within IT and Finance we regularly encounter aging. Our trainees are on average 27 years old, which often lowers the average. It is precisely because trainees are new to the field that they are very eager to learn and flexible and can have a major positive impact on your department. Teams with a good age distribution also perform better and more often than not are high performing teams.

  • Filling specialist vacancies

    We offer IT and Finance talent with various specialist fields. In addition, because of our wide range of training courses in our training centre, we are able to provide tailor-made programmes.

  • Transfer

    More than 90% of our trainees transfer to the client and are still working there after 5 years.

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Would you like to know more about our approach and what we can offer your organisation? We would love to give you information about the different options! Please feel free to contact us.
Constantijn Scheffer
Constantijn Scheffer Sales Manager

Frequently asked questions about working with Calco

  • What is a ‘fixed secondment’ structure?
    Our fixed secondment construction is actually very simple: after completion of deployment of a Calco trainee in your department, you can take over our young professionals without a transfer fee. This way, you combine the advantages of secondment with a future-proof concept for your department. Eventual transfer is the starting point of the traineeship, so you invest directly in a long-term solution.
  • How are the client and trainee matched?
    For us, the match between client and trainee is a non-negotiable starting point for the long-term deployment of an employee. We are very successful at matching; over 90% of the trainees who transferred to the client after two years were still employed by the client after five years. Thanks to our intensive selection and training period, we get to know our trainees very well. This enables us to make the right match with a client. We also take the requested job profile into account. We are also committed to ensuring that someone fits your company culture. We believe this contributes to a long-term relationship.

    Moreover, we have extensive experience in working with clients from different industries. This enables us to make a good assessment of which candidate would best fit within a particular organisational culture.
  • Where can we deploy trainees in the Netherlands?
    Throughout the Netherlands. Our trainees also come from all over the country. Most of our clients are located at central locations in the Netherlands; in the Randstad area and the east of the country. Nevertheless, we also deploy people (far) outside the Randstad.
  • How does Calco ensure that its training offerings are up to date?

    For over many years, our trainees have been deploying to different types of clients in different sectors, with many different innovations in each of the sectors. As a result, we are one of the first to be aware of the latest developments and we continuously incorporate these into our training programme.

  • To what kind of positions can the trainees be deployed?
    Because of the wide range of training courses offered in our training centre, we are able to provide tailor-made programmes. Whether you are looking for IT staff for database and network development, application management and maintenance or business analysts, Scrum Masters or PMO's. In fact, Calco can fill any role. Would you like to be reinforced by a Finance trainee? We can help you find financial analysts, financial performance analysts, junior credit risk managers or asset management analysts. Everything is possible!
  • After the initial training period, can trainees still take advantage of Calco training opportunities?
    We believe it is important that our trainees - in the full 2-year period of their deployment - can develop from junior to intermediate IT or Finance professional. Therefor we give them the opportunity throughout the period to make use of our internal training centre, where we offer training in both content and soft skills. If the client has very specific requirements, we can also offer (accredited) training courses outside our own training centre, such in consultation with the client.
  • How long does it take from application to placement of a trainee?
    Because we have large groups of trainees leaving our training period every month, we can switch relatively quickly. The fact that these trainees have diverse backgrounds and interests helps us to respond quickly to different requests from clients. Our record from request to placement is currently 52 hours!