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This amazing guy is Lucca Donassolo. He is looking for a great assignment in data, business, information or IT business analysis. So read on, you will definitely find your IT match!

Lucca is a 23 year old IT professional Calco. He has a background in Communications. This field always interested him. He has a Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences, and a Master’s in New Media & Digital Culture. During these studies, Lucca started developing his interest and skills in IT. Mainly due to research purposes, having used SPSS for his Bachelor’s thesis, and R for his Master’s.

Lucca has been developing his skills in SQL and R, while also having a little of experience in Python. But his biggest skills lie within the mix between IT and Communication. He is a good communicator, with the ability to translate complex information into simple concepts, and vice versa.

Lucca is looking for a job in which he can bridge the gap between Business and IT. As for job titles, he aspires anything ranging from Data analyst, Business Analyst, Information Analyst or IT Business Analyst. Overall positions where he can use his communicative skills while exercising and developing his technical side would be a great fit.

He is a very flexible person and thrives in a casual environment. The main thing he looks for in a company culture is trust. Trust that the job will be done without needing to micromanage and overwork employees.

If you’re looking for an enthusiastic and dynamic Business Analyst, who excels at transforming intricate information into straightforward, actionable insights, Lucca is the person you’re looking for! His ability to cooperate seamlessly, coupled with his strong motivation to learn and improve makes him a valuable addition for your team.

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