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Meet the awesome Harry Blythe. Don't let his moviestar name fool you: he is looking for a great assignment in business analysis or data analysis. He is not, we repeat not a famous actor. So read on, you will definitely find your IT match!

After a decade of experience in the customer service industry, Harry decided to expand on the foundation of IT knowledge he gained over the years and pursue a career in IT. Bringing him to join Calco as an IT trainee.

Since his start with us, he has 7 acquired certificates in Excel, Power BI, SQL, Scrum, team leadership and has almost attained a certification in ITIL4 and AZ-900. 🎓

His soft skills are in two main areas: communication and problem solving. Harry enjoys bridging the tech gap between IT and business and the stakeholder management required to do so. He is also more at home in stressful, time sensitive problem/incident management situations than in stability and maintenance roles.

Harry is a great fit with a role as business or data analyst. When it comes to company culture Harry prefers a flat approach with an open and agile mind that does not have red tape just for the sake of red tape. He likes the energy of young companies with a can do mentality. 👨💻

If you are seeking a confident problem solver with a head for data and a background of making time sensitive decisions in real world situations, Harry is a great fit. With his experience of bridging the gap between stakeholders and of seeing things holistically, he can bring his great enthusiasm to bear in taking on whatever challenges your organisation faces.

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