We recruit, select and match our IT trainees based on their talents and personality.

We only select the best candidates on the market for our Calco MasterClass traineeship. They have all the ingredients to become world-class IT experts. We train these up-and-coming IT talents to become professionals who can truly make a difference for our clients. Is your team in need of some young IT professionals?

01. We find the talent you seek

It all starts with recruiting and selecting our people. We have our own unique method for that! We recruit graduated starters with a higher-education/academic level of working and thinking for our Calco MasterClass traineeship. People from all backgrounds are welcome; an IT education is not required. We select our people based on their personality. This allows us to find non-IT experts who show potential. With our training and dedicated coaching, they will have a promising career in IT. Our unique outlook on talent allows us to attract every top talent on the market.

Next, we select our trainees with the help of a careful selection procedure (which consists of e.g. an analytical test and an assessment day). The focus here is on analytical skills, personality, competences and affinity with IT. We know exactly whom we are looking for. Only 7% of all applicants make it through our selection process. This ensures that we can always offer our clients the best IT talent for their department.

02. We train talent in coordination with the client

The first two months of the Calco MasterClass consist of a full-time training programme. We make optimal use of that period. We familiarise our young IT professionals with every aspect of the IT world through the DevOps principle. We teach them how to apply this in practice and devote a lot of care and attention to the development of their professional soft skills, e.g. giving and receiving feedback, presenting, dealing with different communication styles and teamwork. Their growth during this time is truly immense.

If your organisation has any specific wishes or needs, we can incorporate these during the training period. This ensures our candidates are up and running within your organisation in no time at all.

03. We make the right match

Because we work with our trainees intensively during this period, we get to know them extremely well. After the first two months of the traineeship, it is therefore much easier to make the perfect match with you as our client. We combine our knowledge with your wishes and needs, your current team composition and your knowledge requirements.

Since we utilize of a pool of available candidates, we can quickly connect you to the right candidate. They possess the skills and personality that your department needs.

04. We offer intensive coaching throughout the entire process

Once we have found the perfect match, the IT professional is deployed within the client’s team. During this period, we continue to be closely involved in the development of the trainees. Fortunately, we have years of experience with coaching and supervising young professionals, so we know exactly what they are looking for in a job. That is one thing less for our clients to worry about.

Of course, we will also stay in contact with you as our client. By doing so, we ensure that your ambitions and those of our young IT professionals can be realised in the long run as well.

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Calco MasterClass

Are you looking for young IT talent? We have the perfect candidate for any project. We will proactively assess your challenges and offer a tailor-made programme.

Our young professionals

Our trainees, also known as MasterClass Professionals, are unique. They have an enormous drive and truly make a difference with their personality.

Detavast system

We use a so-called detavast system. This means we strive for employment after the traineeship and you invest in the future of your department.

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