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Any educational background is welcome; Top 200 companies; Numerous certificates; Enthusiastic colleagues

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For starters & career switchers

Don't know the answer to the question what your talent is? Not a problem. A lot of people go blank when asked. We believe that everyone has talent. We are happy to help you discover your unique talents during our traineeships. No background in IT? No problem. With a good portion of eagerness to learn, you can go a long way.

Not looking to discover your own talents, but for talents that can strengthen your organisation? Calco can help you!

Which career fits you?
There are many options within IT. If you are new to the field, we understand like no other that you do not yet know what direction suits you best. Don't worry, we are here to help you make this decision. During the internal training period of the traineeship, we get to know you very well and together we discuss the right direction for you to take. Because of the many options, we are sure we can find something you would like to develop!
Why do clients choose Calco?
We understand that it is difficult to find young talent and bind them to your organisation. That is why Calco offers professionals with their talent and different perspective to bring fresh energy into your company. In our traineeships, we train these professionals and remain continuously involved in their development. This ensures you can rely on professionals with up-to-date knowledge and the right skill set. Curious what the Calco talents can do for your organisation?

The best place for your traineeship
  • Market leader in IT talent discovery

    For over 18 years, Calco has been the largest IT talent hunter in the Netherlands. With our knowledge, we know how to make the best match between client and trainee. We have helped many clients find young professionals. At the same time, we have already trained and coached around 3,000 starters during the first two years of their new successful career.

  • Broad range within IT and Finance

    We will introduce you to various subjects within IT or Finance, enabling you to explore what really suits you. Both fields are diverse which means there are plenty of options! That's why you start with a broad perspective and then gradually start specialising.

  • Any educational background is welcome

    No study in IT or Finance? That does not matter! You could start our traineeships with any hbo or wo study background. It is the most important that you are eager to learn and ambitious. Next to that, we believe in your talent. Together we will discover your unique talents and improving your strengths, so that you will make a difference within any IT or Finance department. 

  • Top 200 companies we work with: KLM, Rabobank and Ahold Delhaize

    After the two months training at our headquarters you will gain work experience at one of our clients. Our clients are companies in the Dutch top 200. The sectors vary enormously: from banks to insurers and from government institutions to FMCG.

  • Coaching & mentoring

    Throughout the traineeship, you will be personally mentored and coached. Together, we assess your qualities and development points, ensuring you end up in the perfect place where you can grow to your full potential.

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Working at calco

Do you want to make the switch to IT but you don't speak Dutch? No problem! We offer our IT traineeship completely in English. View the vacancy below.

In addition to our traineeships, we offer various vacancies at our head office. These vacancies require a good understanding of the Dutch language. Are you curious?