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Can you do it?

Maurice Apeldoorn
2 minuten
IT is impossible

Programming, cyber security and AI... Just a few of the countless technical fields within IT. When you come across IT jobs, chances are they ask for experience in one of these, or another technical area that you haven't studied. So it's tempting to think that you can't make the switch to IT, no matter how much you want to. Because how are you ever going to get a job in IT without relevant experience?

Unnecessary worries

I had exactly the same concerns. I was about to start the IT traineeship at Calco, but apart from a computer science course at secondary school, I had no experience with IT, let alone with programming. Still, I was expected to start in a corporate within 2 months and work full-time in an IT department. Impossible, I thought. Now, a little over a year later, I look back on this with a smile. I have learned that anyone with good will and the willingness to step out of your comfort zone can make the switch to IT. Yes, you too.

What does IT take

After all, you only need to have a few basic skills to make the switch to IT. IT as a field of work can be divided into technical and social functions. For the technical positions, you generally need logical thinking (read: mathematical perspective) and work meticulously. For the socially oriented roles, you need to be communicative, be able to understand processes and be a good communicator. When you possess one or more of these qualities, it's just a matter of learning a new way of working. This is where your good will comes in handy!

With a little bit of you and a little bit of Calco

In addition, Calco will help you to maximise these basic skills and teach you new social skills as well. With these social skills, you can make the difference in the (IT) workplace. They then look for an assignment that fits your skills and preferences. This means there is very little chance of you landing an assignment within a job you are not cut out for. Calco has helped me with in-depth development of my analytical and communicative skills and to find a suitable position to use them. These skills actually help me a lot in my positions as HR systems specialist and Business Analyst (yes, I have 2 positions). For example, my analytical skills help to translate processes into IT solutions and asking questions helps to choose the right solution.

So don't worry: you can do IT.