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Career switch - scary? Not at all!

Bob Tonglet
3 minuten
I have studied for years and now thinking of switching to IT, but isn't that a waste of my education? I work 40 hours a week but am now considering switching to IT, isn't that a huge risk?

5 tips for making a well-considered move into IT

Tip 1: Read up! This seems like a logical step, but this is often skipped. Many people still have the idea that IT work is stuffy and for nerds. But that is no longer the case! There are so many different roles in IT, with some roles focusing on coding, and others much more on communication and interaction with people. Dig deeper into what roles there are, and what kind of work is associated with each role. What suits you? And what does not? Have you figured out which aspects of IT you are interested in? Then try it out! There are thousands of online tools and learning guides you can use to get the knowledge you need and get started.

Tip 2

The qualities and knowledge you acquired during your previous education will probably come in very handy within IT. Your soft skills are extremely important within the teams and you can immediately make a difference. The hard skills of IT are of course learned on the job. So the training and experience you have already gained will come in very handy in your job!

Tip 3

But how do I know what it is like to work in IT? Simple: just ask! We Calco'ers have also been where you are now and know how difficult this question can be. But that's also why we know how much our experiences can help you make an informed choice. There are also webinars and in-house days where you can get a clear idea of Calco and the traineeships. You will also be able to ask questions to trainees who are already in the traineeship.

Tip 4

Moving on from a permanent job is never without risk, but with Calco, this risk is minimised. Once you are through your first phase, you will be offered a permanent contract and they will make sure that you are matched with one of the many companies that Calco works with. In addition, you will grow into a role that suits you and the ultimate goal is that you will be employed by the client after the traineeship. This actually happens with 95% of the trainees. So the chances of getting a job are pretty solid. In addition, IT is a growing sector where they have been short of hands for years because there is so much work!

Tip 5

The last tip is simple and difficult at the same time: Make sure you know what you're getting into. Try experiencing what it's like to work in IT. For example, sit down for a workday on an IT project and see if you can keep it up all day. Then at the end of the day, determine if you still think it's a good idea to take this step.

Hopefully these tips will help you on your way. Don't hesitate to implement tip 3 right away and feel free to ask any questions via Linkedin!