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The start of your career

Florien Mulder
2 minuten
Even before I graduated, I was already working on the next step: the start of my career. During this orientation phase, I already knew that I wanted to make the step to IT, but I did not know if IT was possible at all. After all, I hadn't studied for this. Some time later, I told a friend about this issue. The day after I told her this, she texted me and forwarded a link from Calco's in-house day. This was the ideal way for me to see if IT would really suit me and if Calco was a good match.

In-house day

During the in-house day, recruiters from Calco told us all about the traineeship. You will get a better understanding of what the training period looks like, what you can expect from your deployment and what kind of company Calco is. There will also be trainees present to tell you more about their experiences at Calco. A super pleasant, low-threshold way to ask all your questions directly. I found participating in the in-house day very valuable!

Two weeks before graduating, I knew for sure I wanted to go for Calco. I found the atmosphere at the office very pleasant and everyone was willing to help. I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in within IT, but it was clear that it would be IT. So I went through the selection procedure and heard that I could start the IT traineeship two days after I graduated.


The training period was an intensive period where you learn a lot in a short time. The great thing about Calco is that within the training period, you get enough space to discover which facets of IT you find interesting. More is possible than you might expect. The teachers and deployment managers will help you make the right choices. "Where do my qualities lie?" and "What do I like to do?" are questions that come up regularly. After the training period, you will also receive intensive supervision from your field manager. If you have any questions or want to seek advice, you can always turn to him/her.

Time flies when you are having fun

Besides the fact that you are developing, the conviviality inside and outside the office are equally indispensable. During your training period, you will work closely with your Calco colleagues and help each other where necessary. I have been with Calco for over a year now. Although my Calco colleagues who I started with have moved on to other companies, I still see and talk to them regularly. It's really cool to exchange experiences with each other.