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Why is the switch to IT a good choice?

Tessa Voswijk
2 minuten
After my master's degree, I thought hard about where I wanted to work full time. Committing to an activity that will take up the majority of your week (hello 40-hour work week 😉) is obviously a super important decision. I realised that I did not want to work in the field I had studied. But what then?

After doing a lot of research and listening to myself carefully to find out what I really like and find important, I finally chose IT. Here are a few reasons why this is definitely worth considering.

Reason 1: IT is important!

IT is perhaps already the most important part of a company and this role will only increase. Do you work in a Finance department? The digitisation of this department is probably one of the most important projects. Do you work in a department where you focus on the customer experience of your company? Even then, there will probably be more and more IT people on your team managing the website, making the app customer friendly and making the chat robot work. In short; IT permeates all departments of a company and even non-IT departments are already yearning for new IT colleagues.

Reason 2: IT is a very broad sector

The IT sector is very broad. You can become a developer who sits around coding most of the day, or you can have a much more coordinating project management role. That's what makes this sector so cool! In addition, in my experience, you really have the space to grow in the direction you want. After all, IT keeps expanding, so you can really go anywhere you want!

Reason 3: Salary and security

Last but not least: let's be very honest, a job in IT generally offers a great salary and job security. IT people are scarce. This automatically means that you can expect great employee benefits - provided you perform well of course😉. Whether you are a tester, developer, cloud engineer, product owner or any other profession in IT, demand is huge, so job security is guaranteed! Nevertheless, this should not be your motivation for the profession, of course. Think of it as a nice bonus!

If you are interested and you would like to give me a call about moving into IT, or if you would like more information about Calco: please send me a message on LinkedIn so we can exchange further details!