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Trainee | Michael

This is Michael Magee from Ireland. He is a true IT spirit and is therefore open to multiple roles. So if you are seeking an enthusiastic new colleague: Michael is definitely the one to speak to!

Service is Michael Magee's middle name. He used to work in the hospitality industry, followed by customer support and did volunteer work. During his customer support experience he realised how he could make jobs easier by writing scripts to automate repetitive work. No big surprise that his love for IT was born right then and there. This service minded autodidact has been learning to program ever since and he absolutely LOVES IT!

He can work with Python, Java, Spring-boot and has even started to learn C# in a game development context just for funzies.

Michael is interested in all sorts of roles such as devops and security. But if you want to make Michael the happiest of campers, give him a chance as a developer or a software tester. The man just loves to work with code. And frankly who would want to stand between a man and his mission? Top that with a company culture that promotes learning, cooperation, and creative thinking and he will be absolutely jumping with joy setting up shop at a desk near yours tomorrow.

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