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We would like to introduce you to our IT professional Georgios, who in his past life was a human rights attorney in Greece. The good news: he is looking for a great IT assignment in the field of data administration. So read on, you will definitely find your match!

Georgios is ready to enter the IT workplace. After reading this, we are certain you want to talk to Georgios. He has switched to IT from the legal industry. This man not only really knows the law but is also great in IT.

He has a bachelor's degree in general Law, and two LLMs: one in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, the other in Public International Law. Before he left Greece for his second Masters, He worked as an attorney, mostly engaged with immigration, human rights and refugee issues.

Fast forward to 2023: Georgios has started a new career as an IT trainee Calco. And he is doing great! He has acquired the AZ-900 certification and the PSM-I certification. But that is not all: in his spare time he has expanded his knowledge by getting his Google Data Analytics Certificate (Coursera). In addition he has acquired intermediate-level knowledge in SQL and the fundamentals in business analysis, Python, Java, PowerShell and MS Power Platforms- especially PowerBI. 🎓

You can wake Georgios up at night for a position in data administration, whether that may be more analytical (like data analysis, systems analysis, systems architecture etc.), or more technical (like database/data management, database/data engineering, low-code app engineering etc.).

He likes learning from any resource possible (and at a very high pace), he is very proactive, and likes pushing the team's limits forward together with his team members. His ideal work environment is a place that rewards efficiency and proactivity, and prioritizes process improvement over delivery. He is most comfortable in workplaces that appreciate directness and inspire an urge to constantly move and improve. Or, as Facebook's internal motto used to be, "move fast and break things"! 🏃

If you're searching for an inquisitive data professional, who combines sharp systems thinking and a wide IT skillset, Georgios is the man you're looking for. With a diverse academic and professional background, a direct and proactive approach to problem-solving and an animated spirit of teamwork and responsibility, he can investigate, compartmentalize, and solve the complex problems information structures present you with every day.

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